Thursday, May 8, 2014

Getting Ready to Launch…

During our Kickstarter campaign, many of you provided feedback on the price of TREWGrip.  Despite our attempts to explain our manufacturing challenges during the campaign, price was clearly a deterrent for most.  After making the decision to keep TREWGrip moving forward, our first priority was to reduce the production costs.

Having already completed three rounds of design and engineering, and having an almost production ready unit in hand, I have to admit it was difficult going back to square one.  The biggest challenge we faced with the redesign was how to reduce the cost without sacrificing quality. But I have to say, the Team knocked it out of the park!

In addition to reducing the production costs, every unit will now include a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to control on-screen mouse movement.  This was an additional option with the previous build, but by reengineering the switches and standardizing on one circuit board configuration, we were able to include more features at a reduced cost.

So we’ve done our part --- now it’s up to you.

The MSRP for TREWGrip, with built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, will be $249US when we launch this Fall.  But we are offering an exclusive discount opportunity to those of you who pre-order and help us promote TREWGrip between now and then.  It’s called “Crowd Discounting” and here’s how it works.

Pre-order TREWGrip on and help us get others to do the same.  Credit cards will not be charged until the end of the pre-order campaign; but when we reach our first unit sales target, everyone’s price drops to $199US.  And when we hit our second, it drops to $149US.  Please visit our campaign on for details.

For those of you supported our Kickstarter campaign, thank you again for your support.  We hope you appreciate all our hard work, and will support us again on PreLaunch.  And for those of you who didn’t support us because of price, here’s your chance to get TREWGrip for as low as $149US.


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