Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kickstarter Update # 4: Life-Changing Technology?

When I started this project in my workshop 20-months ago, I wasn’t thinking about TREWGrip as a life-changing technology. I was simply trying to solve a business problem; a problem that I had observed for years and finally decided it was time to solve. There were many nights when I would lie awake in bed thinking about TREWGrip’s potential. Changing someone’s life, however, never crossed my mind…

Since launching our Kickstarter campaign, several people have commented on TREWGrip’s potentially life-changing technology. Although I read the comments, I didn’t fully realize TREWGrip’s life-changing potential until yesterday morning.

A disabled Army Veteran from the Gulf War contacted us to let us know he couldn’t use a flat keyboard because of his disabilities. He further explained that he was recently hired by the Army to write medical publications, and had thought about creating his own keyboard so he could do his job. Having backed many Kickstarter projects in the past, he came across TREWGrip and then reached out to us directly:

“I saw the TREWGrip and was amazed. If I can figure out a way, I am definitely going to help on Kickstarter. I've backed quite a few projects in the past, but none with as much potential as this! Truly amazing idea!”

For the past week, we’ve discussed the campaign internally and what more we can do to get more backers. Numerous people have commented on the price of our rewards, and that lower-priced rewards would result in more backers. Unfortunately the economics for TREWGrip are tough, especially at this early stage. The electrical engineers and manufacturers just don’t like curves; they like square and flat. We have figured out a way to manufacture flat circuit boards and then bend them into shape, but the bending and assembly of TREWGrip will have to be done manually in the short-term.

Over the past 20-months, our team has worked hard to solve the mobility, ergonomic and usability problems associated with flat keyboards, and we have created a new technology that has the “potential” to change people’s lives…

To those of you who have already backed our project, thank you very much for your support. I started this project alone in my workshop to simply solve a problem, but it’s going to take thousands of backers supporting this project to make TREWGrip a life-changing technology.

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