Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kickstarter Update # 2: One week down, three to go...

Thank you very much to all of you who have supported our campaign and helped us spread the word.

A number of people have asked me: what’s the best way to explain or describe TREWGrip? Should we call it a keyboard? Or, maybe an alternative keyboard?

I think keyboards are like automobiles…

Traditional flat keyboards are like 4-door sedans: standard, practical and corporate; and perfect for the suit and tie office worker of yesteryear.

Then there are alternative keyboards like Dvorak, KALQ, etc. that are like alternative fuels such as Bio Diesel, Natural Gas and Hydrogen. They “work” and are probably better or more efficient, but the infrastructure just doesn’t exist to support widespread acceptance.

Next you have the ergonomic keyboards like the Kinesis, SafeType, etc. that are like hybrids. They’re better for the environment, or better for you physically, but they have this stigma attached to them. With both hybrids and ergonomic keyboards, I think tree hugger and Birkenstocks.

Then there’s TREWGrip --- it’s not a conventional keyboard, and I don’t think it’s an alternative keyboard because it’s really still QWERTY (or still runs on gasoline). And it’s not really an ergonomic keyboard, or at least it wasn’t conceived as an ergonomic keyboard, but it has some ergonomic benefits.

So to me, TREWGrip isn’t an automobile, it’s more like a motorcycle. Still runs on gas, same roads and same traffic laws, but you have to learn a slightly different skill to ride it. They’re personal, and come in different sizes and styles. They’re dangerous, or risky, but that’s what makes them cool. I mean, have you ever seen someone in Birkenstocks riding a motorcycle?

Three weeks to go --- let’s rev up our engines and burn some rubber…

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